Hollow (2020)

01. Trees
02. Fear (feat. Aaron Stainthorpe)
03. A Year I Would Like to Forget
04. In the Corner of a Dead End Street (feat. Sakis Tolis and Gregor Mackintosh)
05. Misery Rain (feat. Fernando Ribeiro and Mikko Kotamäki)
06. Into the Mouth of Madness (feat. Jeff Loomis and Kobi Farhi
07. Hollow (feat. Spiros Antoniou)
08. The Weeping Song (feat. Anders Jacobsson, Kobi Farhi and Lisa Cuthbert) 
09. Fear feat. Riki Gal (Acoustic Version) 04:36

Ovdan (2024)

01. Roads (feat. Andreas Vingback, Tony Wakeford)
02. Sunrise
03. Muaka (feat. Attila Csihar)
04. Room 124
05. I Skuggornas Grav (feat. Anja Huwe, Mickael Broberg)
06. Burning times (feat. Anja Huwe, Mickael Broberg)
07. Turn Around (feat. Michael Denner)
08. Convalescence
09. Rainbow
10. Intensive Care Unit
11. Turn Around (Gothic Rock Version) (feat. Ben Christo, Michael Denner)