Альбом: Failure Prosthesis
Год: 2010
Стиль: Brutal Death Grind
Страна: РУсия
Качество: VBR

01-Failure Prosthesis
02-Coproheating Reactor
03-Yog Sothoth
05-Bermudian Claustrophobe
06-Armadildo - Necrophone
08-Dramaturgy... Lethargic Sleep
09-Armed With An Awl
10-Oraltory 13
11-Giperboloid's Hunger
12-The Faces Are Rubbing Against The Emery
13-Weatherdick - Detonator
14-Call Of The Pits
15-All Is Not Rolling, All Has Already Rolled. To Hell!
16-Los Weiter
17-Through The Blunt Hooks
18-No Files. All Are There
19-Slaves To The Pyre (cover Brodequin)

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