Страна: Belgium
Стиль: Brutal Death Metal

Current line-up
Kurt Monie - Vocals (Ectopia (Bel))
Kenneth Keysers - Guitars (Acephalous, Steengruis, Morrigu (Bel), Time Out (Bel), Earection)
Koen Vangoethem - Bass (Bloodfart)
Nico - Drums

The deathmetal war machine which would later be known as Serial Butcher was first conceived by Nico (drums) and Hendrik (guitars) back in 1995. After rehearsing in Hendrik's garage for 6 months, Bob from the now defunct rock band X'ile joined on bass and they moved into a genuine rehearsal space (the term is being used very loosely in this context). A little while later Nico's longtime friend Steven joins on vocals and the first full lineup of Serial Butcher is born.

A demo is recorded in 1996 but never released for unknown reasons (read: it sucked hairy monkey balls). In 1997 a slightly better sounding demo is recorded and unleashed upon the unsuspecting audience. The band is getting rave reviews in fanzines, being called a more brutal version of Cannibal Corpse and playing shows all over Belgium.

The first demo CD is recorded in 1998 in the famous Midas studios in Lokeren and sells very well seeing as it's a DIY demo. During this timeframe the band played an average of 2-3 shows per month all over the country, opening for international acts such as Loudblast.

The next year however, bassist Bob leaves the band for personal reasons and they are forced to continue as a threepiece. Due to lack of audience response to the handicapped lineup, Steven gets sick of it and leaves the band. Replacements are found in Tim (vocals) and Peter (bass) but alas they do not succeed in getting the audience back into the band. In 2000 the band finally decides to call it a day and the remaining members go their respective ways.

A few months later Nico, Hendrik and Steven get back together among friends and immediately start discussing a possible reunion. In 2001 Nico decides to buy a drum computer so he can take over on second guitar together with Hendrik. A demo is recorded mid 2001 and the band plays a handful of shows with the drum computer but since they do not have their own PA the sound is aweful and people are litteraly running for the doors. It is then that Nico decides to bring in a new guitar player who he met through his other rock band Bodyfuel and who apparently shares the same taste in music. He switches back to drums and after a few rehearsals it is already very clear: Serial Butcher is definitely back to deliver aural annihilation once again.

In April of 2002, Nico, Steven and Nicolas head into the famous CCR studio and record 6 songs in just 3 days, mixing included! The end result is a vibrant example of what deathmetal should sound like: short, fast and in your face. Immediately after its release the band is already getting enthusiastic reactions from friends and record labels. The future looks bright indeed.

January 2003 sees the band signing a one album record deal to American label Deepsend records. They decide to re-release the 6 song CD under a new name "Genocide Landscape" with a different layout in November 2003. In the meantime a new bass player Koen (previously from Bloodfart) has also joined the lineup to provide a more punishing sound. Since Nicolas parted ways with Serial Butcher

2004 - Genocide Landscape (EP)
Альбом: Genocide Landscape [EP]
Год: 2004

01-A First Grade Teacher's Pulpification 
02-Hospital Hecatomb
03-Cum / Gut Expulsion
04-Where Is The Rest Of Me?
05-Mangled In The Mortuary
06-Brutally Bashed Baby Boom … IDpwAkZmVl

2010 - A Crash Course In Cranium Crushing
Альбом: A Crash Course In Cranium Crushing
Год: 2010

01-Blowjob From A Decapitated Whore
02-Swollen And About To Burst
03-A Crash Course In Cranium Crushing
04-Baking Up The Neighbours
05-Tenderly Blowtorched
06-Reduced To A Sausage
07-Franky In The Fridge
08-A First Grade Teacher's Pulpification 
09-Mutilated Babysitter's Corpse