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Putrefy [Modern Brutal Death Metal, Slamming, gbr]

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Страна: United Kingdom (Ballymoney, Northern Ireland)
Стиль: Modern Brutal Death Metal/Slamming

Current line-up
Connor Brown - Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Thompson - Bass
Jason Maclaughlin - Drums

Putrefy was vomited upon the underground death metal scene in late 1992 after close friends jason,chuck,jeff and mark decided to play more brutal music in the death metal vein,after much rehearsing and writing,the infamous "presumed dead" demo was released in 1993 and received well worldwide,putrefy then gigged as much as possible and continued writing for the next release which would result in being a split mcd with italian band "altered vision"on now defunct "isolated records,unfortunately this release would be the last with this line up as putrefy split not long after the release due to musical differences. between 1998 - 2000,jason worked on getting the band back again,and finally got a strong rhythm section finalised with beaver on bass and connor on guitar in jan 2001,a new sicker more faster,slamming material was gonna be the thing for putrefy now,old school death metal mixed with a modern twist,in 2002 the "lust so vile" mcd was released,the 1st putrefy release in 7 years,the mcd was toured and promoted vigorously,webzines,mags,radio stations etc etc,and eventually the mcd was released by grind ethic records in the uk,co-owners being rushy (gorerottd/detrimentum) and tom (beef conspiracy)
Writing for the long long awaited full length album continued,and during this time putrefy would play such gigs as OBSCENE EXTREME FEST 2003 in czech rep with macabre, dead infection, inhume,iscaarium etc,DAY OF DARKNESS FEST 2004 in ireland with dismember and ancient rites and a host of other irish acts,CENTRAL ILLINOIS METALFEST in the u.s.a. with Incantation, brodequin, lividity, gorgasm and many many more, Suffocation, Entombed, LONDON DEATHFEST IN 2005 with gorerotted,cancer and avulsed amongst others,putrefy headlined the first stage of bands,many other gigs happened,too many to mention,the above mentioned is only a brief description of what the band has acheived since the reformation.
In 2006 the putrefy full length cd was unleashed finally via Redrum Records in the u.s.a.,and run by legend "Will Rahmer" from Mortician infamy,which for the band was legendary as all members are massive mortician fans and it happened to be that will was becoming a putrefy fan,artwork for the cd was constructed by known tattooist/underground artist jon zig,new merch became available for the album launch. During 2006 yet more line up troubles became a issue,so connor took the challenge and started doing guitar/vocals and the difference is awesome,vocally and on stage,no offense to previous vocalists but now is the way it was meant to be,with this line up, during all this a 2nd guitarist geoff was recruited to beef up the already heavy putrefy sound in 2007,since his introduction to the line up the band has played at NRW Deathfest in germany,D.O.D Metalfest in Ireland for the 2nd time,London with Inhumate from France,Manchester with Cerebral Effusion and Septycal Gorge, Main Support slot for the 2nd time with Sufocation,and many headline shows throughout Ireland,Putrefy have also played at "Caos Emergente Open Air Festival 2008 with "Nile, Tarantula, Bizarra Locomotiva, Belphegor, Grave" and many others.
Early 2008 saw a new Putrefy release arrive in the shape of a 3 way split with "Blasphtized and Vomitous Rectum" on Grindethic Records and Pathologically Explicit",the split is titled "Vomiting Putrid Blasphemy" and is selling fast for both respected labels. In sept 2008 saw the departures of beaver and geoff from the line up,both members leaving was unexpected but very understandable,beaver was replaced by jamie thompson who filled in on some shows prior to beavers departure,jamie is a excellent addition to the fold and will add another dimension to the sound,due to playing 4,5, and 6 string basses,the search for a replacement guitarist is ongoing. In October 2008,Putrefy signed a 3 Album deal with "Metal Age Productions" in Slovakia,a excellent long serving label with a strong roster of bands like "Avulsed, Desecration, Fleshless, Holocausto Canibal" and more.

Presumed Dead Demo, 1993
Altered Vision / Putrefy Split, 1994
Promo 2000 Demo, 2000
4 On 4 Demo, 2002
Lust So Vile EP, 2002
Promo 2004 Demo, 2004
Putrefy Full-length, 2006
Vomiting Putrid Blasphemy Split, 2008
One Nation Under Gore Full-length, 2009

2006 - Putrefy

Альбом: Putrefy
Год: 2006
Качество: 320

1. Cannibal Holocaust (Intro)
2. Lust So Vile
3. Mutilated Slutfuck
4. Drowned In Concrete
5. 12-Gauge Facelift
6. Putrefied Lust
7. Hung by the Tongue
8. Pig Fucker
9. Tits, Clits and Hacked Off Bits
10. Intestinal Vomit
11. Pleasures (With a Pick-Axe)
12. Excrement Eating Frenzy
13. Putrefy


2008 - Vomiting Putrid Blasphemy (split)

Альбом: Vomiting Putrid Blasphemy [split]
Год: 2008
Стиль: Brutal Death Metal
Страна: United Kingdom (Ballymoney, Northern Ireland) | United Kingdom | USA (New York)
Качество: 320

01-Putrefy - Cranium Smashing Brutality (Mutilated Slutfuck Pt 2)
02-Putrefy - The Killing Wont Stop
03-Putrefy - Once Upon The Slab
04-Putrefy - Slurping On Cuntslap
05-Blasphtized - Inversion Tactics
06-Blasphtized - Irreligious Refinement
07-Blasphtized - Micturating In The Manger (The Unholy Offering)
08-Blasphtized - John The Blasphtist
09-Vomitous Rectum - 130-75
10-Vomitous Rectum - Necromantic Assimilation
11-Vomitous Rectum - Of Flesh And Blood
12-Vomitous Rectum - Pyke Whore


2009 - One Nation Under Gore

Альбом: One Nation Under Gore
Год: 2009

01-The Necropolis
02-One Nation Under Gore
03-Fresh Meat (Slaughtered In Your Sleep)
04-The Killing Wont Stop
05-Once Upon The Slab
06-Rip The Skin (Deflesh Your Bones)
07-I Wore Her Head As A Hat
08-Slurpin On Cuntslop
09-Raped By Rednecks
10-Fatality Imminent
11-Fucked On Formaldehyde
12-Cranium Smashing Brutality


...Детей, беременных, бабушек, дедушек... отвезите к родственникам, когда будите слушать, это адски кровавое месиво. Этих парней создал сам дьявол, что бы они уничтожали всех мерзких "букашек", что топчут эту землю..



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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Death Metal » Putrefy [Modern Brutal Death Metal, Slamming, gbr]

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