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Incarnated [Brutal Death Metal, pol]

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Страна: Poland (Bialystok)
Стиль: Brutal Death Metal

Current line-up:
Pierscień - Guitar, Bass, Vocals (Neuropathia, Dead Infection, Squash Bowels, Recrimination)
Thomas - Guitar (Neuropathia)
Bartosh - Drums (Parodie Sacrass, Persaturam)

INCARNATE was founded in the early fall of 2003. Following no trends, not trying to fit in, INCARNATE’s main goal is to deliver uncompromised heavy music. Taken influences from thrash metal and early-90’s US/European metalcore, INCARNATE brings you music with the intensity and power of Hatebreed, the thrashing riffs of Slayer and the heaviness of Crowbar.

INCARNATE self-released their debut 5 song MCD "A dark age of lies" in the fall of 2004. No time wasted, January 2005 Incarnate delivered some more brutality for a 3-way split CD entitled "LMNT02 - Earth" released by Wanted Recordings (BE).

For the international re-release of the "A dark age of lies" MCD INCARNATE signs a deal with the German label Lucifer's Legions Records. The MCD is released in October 2005. Around this time INCARNATE also recorded their first official videoclip featuring the song Stronghold. Soon thereafter, INCARNATE recorded a live videoclip for the song State of Mind. Both songs are taken from the above mentioned MCD.

May 2007, INCARNATE hit the studio again to record a cover-song called “Tempest”, originally written by the legendary Integrity. The song appears in February 2007 on the "Integrity Tribute CD: Harder they Fall", released by Escapist Records (USA). This awesome album features contributions from hardcore bands from all over the world and artwork by Raf Wechterowicz (Trivium, Ringworm, Iron Maiden, Soulfly).

After numerous international releases, INCARNATE released their debut full-length album "Embrace the Horror" on Demons Run Amok Entertainment in February 2008. Fast riffs, aggressive breakdowns, and heavy grooves combined with lyrics dealing with personal frustrations, apocalyptic visions and criticism towards humanity. An album that is harder, heavier, more aggressive and features a guest appearance and artwork by the infamous Dwid Hellion (Integrity).

By now INCARNATE played alongside bands like Exodus, Pro-Pain, Gorefest, Merauder, Vicious Rumors, Sworn Enemy, 100 Demons, Born from Pain, Maroon, Cataract, Textures and many more.

The Horror is coming... Embrace it

1993 - Empire Of Rot (Demo)

Альбом: Empire Of Rot
Год: 1993

02-Posthumous Remains
03-There's No Return From Here
04-Malignant Tumour
05-Stinking Fume Of Gore
06-The Celebration Of Slaughtering Ritual
07-Empire Of Rot
08-Human Entrails

https://musify.club/release/incarnated- … 993-374153

1994 - split Dead Infection & Incarnated (Promo Tape)

Альбом: split [Dead Infection & Incarnated] [Promo Tape]
Год: 1994
Стиль: Brutal Death Metal | Goregrind
Страна: Poland 

01-Dead Infection – Hospital
02-Dead Infection - The Ambulance
03-Dead Infection - Life Of A Surgeon
04-Dead Infection - The Firing Ground
05-Incarnated - About Life, Passing And Death
06-Incarnated - Rejected By The Alive
07-Incarnated - Dead House


1998 - The Futuristic Trial Of Mankind & Atrocious Vermin (split Damnable & Incarnated)

Альбом: The Futuristic Trial Of Mankind & Atrocious Vermin (split [Damnable & Incarnated])
Год: 1998
Стиль: Brutal Death Metal
Страна: Poland

01-Damnable – Impreceptible
02-Damnable - The Futuristic Trial Of Mankind
03-Damnable -  What For It Everything
04-Damnable - Craze Of Entity6. Inaccessible 00:31
05-Damnable - After World Obliteration (cover Terrorizer)
06-Damnable - Inaccessible-Intro9. Imperishable 02:01
07-Damnable - Paranormal Verdict
08-Damnable - Self Analysis
09-Damnable - Imperishable-Outro
10-Incarnated - Disturbance Of Consciousness-Intro
11-Incarnated - The Celebration Of Slaughtering Ritual
12-Incarnated - Dead House
13-Incarnated - Rejected By The Alive
14-Incarnated - About Life, Passing And Death
15-Incarnated - War For Survival
16-Incarnated - Posthumous Remains


2001 - Human Flesh

Альбом: Human Flesh
Год: 2001

01-Human Meat
02-Live Organs Transplantation 
03-Anatomy Of Fear 
04-Rotten Visions
05-Genetic Deformations 
06-Jack Crow's Friend
07-Let It Rot
08-Your Mad Mind
10-Exhume Of Mortal Remains


2006 - Pleasure Of Consumption

Альбом: Pleasure Of Consumption
Год: 2006

01-Dying Sounds
02-Blood For Blood
03-Life Organs Transplantation
04-Blood Sign
05-Dead House 
06-Human Meat
07-Disturbance Of Consciousness
08-Oscullum Obscenum (cover Hypocrisy)
10-Ghettoblaster (cover Impaled Nazarene
11-Genetic Deformation 
12-Rotten Visions 
13-Your Mad Mind


2007 - Some Old Stories

Альбом: Some Old Stories
Год: 2007
Качество: 192

01-Disturbance Of Consciousnes
02-The Celebration Of Slaughtering Ritual
03-Dead House
04-Rejected By The Alive
05-About Life Passing And Death
06-War For Survival
07-Posthumous Remains
08-Posthumous Remains
09-Theres No Return From There
10-Malignant Tumour
11-Stinking Fume Of Gore
12-The Celebration Of Slaughtering Ritual
13-Empire Of Rot (Instrumental)
14-Human Entrails
15-About Live Passing And Death
16-Rejected By The Alive
17-Dead House


2008 - The 3 Ways Of A Brutality (split)

Альбом: The 3 Ways Of A Brutality [split]
Год: 2008
Стиль: Brutal Death
Страна: Poland | Poland | Japan
Качество: 320

01-Parricide - Esteem (Respect)
02-Parricide - We Will Call You - Part 1
03-Parricide - We Will Call You - Part 2 
04-Parricide - We Will Call You - Part 3 
05-Parricide - Matando Gueros (cover Brujeria's) 
06-Parricide - A Bitch At Money Exchange On Romanian & Hungarian
07-Parricide - Revenge Of Polsh Rednecks
08-Parricide - Hatred Like Any Others - Tale I 
09-Parricide - Love - Tale II
10-Parricide - Among Liars
11-Parricide - Gory Inspiration (cover Dead Infection )
12-Parricide - Hu Man
13-Incarnated - Sculpting The Countenance Of God
14-Incarnated - An Ordinary Slow And Painful Torture
15-Incarnated - A Stillborn Cannibalism Manual
16-Incarnated - Pound Of Meat
17-Incarnated - Anatomical Schame Of Human Form
18-Incarnated - Abnormally Deceased
19-Reexamine - Dead From Suffocation 
20-Reexamine - Go Bonkers
21-Reexamine - Laughing Dolls In The Purple Sunshine 
22-Reexamine - Reexamine 
23-Reexamine - Stress Death
24-Reexamine - For Victory


PS переводить биографию мне было жутко лень и искать ее на руssком тоже



В дискографию добавлена 1993 - Empire Of Rot (Demo)


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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Death Metal » Incarnated [Brutal Death Metal, pol]

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