Стиль:Melodic Death Metal
Страна: Sweden

Daniel "Dan Soxx" Johannesson - Vocals
Mikael "Mike, Almightymike" Fredriksson - Lead Guitar (Trees of Eternity)
Peter "PTR" Derenius - Drums, Keys
Erik "GoatLord" Gustafson - Bass, Backing Vocals (Archangel (Swe))
Big Tore - Rhythm Guitar

Go To Hell
Год: 2009
Качество: VBR

01-You Are Dead
02-Go To Hell
03-Entwined In Mysteries
04-Ill Piss On Your Corpse
05-Harbinger Of Death
06-Fortress By The Crystal Line
07-In The Name Of The Holy
08-Searching For Death
10-Malediction Lecture