Исполнитель: Choked By Own Vomits
Альбом: Shit Autopsy
Год выхода:2009
Страна:Czech Republic
Жанр: Brutal Death Metal
Качество: 320кб/c
Размер: 56,9 mb

1.Pungent Stench 02:11
2.Mouth Full Of Vomit 01:06
3.To Comen Shitn Wipen Leave 01:07
4.A Shit Nailed To The Wall 02:10
5.Disgorging Foetus (Regurgitate Cover) 01:35
6.Im Gonna Vomit 00:23
7.I Want My Name To Be A Rectum, I Would Be Your Best Friend In Return 02:09
8.Dark Side Of The Ass 01:46
9.Shit Autopsy 01:28
10.Exploding Ass 00:51
11.One Half Does Not Jabber 01:57
12.Room No. 207 02:38
13.Fuck! Shit! Cunt! Bitch! 01:01
14.And The Ass Has Closed 01:59
15.Turbo Anal Motocross    00:14
16.Eaten Alive (Gruesom Stuff Relish Cover) 03:10