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Morgion [Death/Doom Metal, usa]

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Death/Doom Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Nature, magic, melancholy, romance
Origin United States of America  (Orange County, California)
Formed in 1990
Current label Dark Symphonies
Status Split-up

Last known line-up
Dwayne Boardman - Guitar, Vocals
Gary Griffith - Guitar, Vocals
Justin Christian - Bass (Keen of the Crow)
Rhett Davis - Drums (Crimson Relic, Keen of the Crow, Gravehill)
Former/past member(s)
Adrian Leroux (Mindrot)
Vocals & Bass:
Jeremy Peto (Winterthrall)
Bobby Thomas
Mike Davis
Peter Surowski (Thrones of Scorn)
Ed Parker
Brandon Livingston
Additional notes
Morgion started as a death metal band.
The band appeared on the "A Call To Irons - A Tribute To Iron Maiden" CD, released by Dwell Records in 1998, covering the song "To Tame A Land" & on the "In Memory of...Celtic Frost" CD released also by Dwell Records, covering the song "Innocence and Wrath/Usurper".
Reformed in 2008 under the name DustFlow. The lineup is the same as above, except with Peter Surowski replacing Rhett Davis on drums.


Rabid Decay  / Demo, 1991/
Live Studio Rehersal Demo  / Demo, 1992/
Travesty  / EP, 1993/
Among Majestic Ruin  / Full-length, 1997/
Solinari  / Full-length, 1999/
Oceans Without Shores  / EP, 1999/
2002 Demo  /Demo, 2002/
A Slow Succumbing / Ebb Tide  /Demo, 2002/
Doomination Tour Bootleg  / EP, 2003/
Dark Symphonies  / Demo, 2003/
Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth  / Full-length, 2004/
The Relapse Collection  / Best of/Compilation, 2008/

Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth [2004]


1.Cloaked By Ages 01:21
2.A Slow Succumbing 09:47
3.Ebb Tide (Parts I & II) 13:04
4.Trillium Rune 03:37
5.The Mourner`s Oak 06:05
6.Cairn 06:46
7.She, The Master Covets 05:22
8.Crowned In Earth 15:24

Total playing time 01:01:26

320 кб/с



Among Majestic Ruin [1997]


1.Relic of a Darkened Past 08:22
2.In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry) 08:11
3.Travesty 05:06
4.Basking Under a Blacksun Dawning 05:36
5.Invalid Prodigy 06:47

Total playing time 00:34:14

320 кб/с






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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Doom » Morgion [Death/Doom Metal, usa]

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