Doom Metal
Origin Finland  (Alavus)
Formed in 1987
Current label Firebox Records
Status Active

Current line-up
Jussi Maijala - Guitar (1987-) (Lampaanvapahtaja, Slayer Angel)
Kari Lavila - Guitar (2006-)
Teemu Maijala - Bass (1987-) + Vocals (1987-1996) (Lampaanvapahtaja, Slayer Angel)
Jarkko Seppälä - Drums (2003-) (Diesense)
Former/past member(s)
Veli-Matti Yli-Mäyry (2001-2003) (Blueberryhill, Dreamfall)
VP Rapo (1987-2000) + Guitar (2000-2006)
Tomi Murtomäki (1997-1999, tour 2007) (Slayer Angel)
Vesa Lampi (1999-2007)
Kimmo Perämäki - Session backing vocals on "Spiritus Mortis" -album (The Unchained/Masquerage, Diesense, Celesty)
Additional notes
The first Finnish doom metal band.
Band was formerly known as Rigor Mortis but they changed it because there was already another band from US with the same name.
Maijala brothers were the founding members of the band. VP was supposed to be only a temporary drummer at the start but soon became a permament member. The band was also searching for a vocalist from the very beginning because Teemu wanted to focus on the bass playing.
Tomi Murtomäki decided not to continue as vocalist after "20 years of SM" -tour due motivational problems.
Compilation appearances:
2008 - "Knock'em Down to the Size" (Metal Coven Records) with a track "Sweet Oblivion"
2006 - "Metal on Metal II" (Metal Warning) with tracks "Rise From Hell" and "Leave Me"
"At the Mountains of Madness II" with a track "Flames"
"Nad Brzegami Czasu" with a track "Sleeping Beneath the Lawn"
"Out of Focus Vol II" with a track "The Omen"
"Rock-Yhdistys" with tracks "Rise From Hell" and "Baron Samedi"


At The Halls of Death   / Demo, 1990/
Demo '94  / Demo, 1994/
Demo '96  / Demo, 1996/
Demo '97  / Demo, 1997/
Ars Moriendi  /Demo, 1997/
Demo 2000  /Demo, 2000/
Forward To The Battle  /Demo, 2001/
Hot Summer of Love  /Demo, 2002/
Spiritus Mortis  /Full-length, 2004/
Fallen  / Full-length, 2006/
From The Ultima Thule   /Split, 2007/
Burned Alive  /Split, 2008/

Fallen [2006]

1.Dawn 00:49
2.New Age 02:45
3.Leave Me 04:34
4.Divine Wind 03:10
5.Something Came And Killed 02:56
6.Beware Of The Quiet One 04:11
7.Sleeping Beneath The Lawn 03:14
8.All The Words Were Spoken 03:08
9.The Omen 03:32
10.All This In The Name Of Love 05:03
11.Wasteland 04:10
12.Goodbye 04:03

Total playing time 00:41:40!2Ac21SjJ!VPqg7FUo-4c3 … qA1XBlrTOg